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What is a Deadbolt Lock?

Both commercial and residential properties should install both a regular lock and a deadbolt lock.  Installing both types gives extra insurance against break-ins and lock tampering.  Just what is it that makes deadbolt locks so strong?


Deadbolt locks (also referred to as “deadlocks”) differ in operation from spring-bolt locks (i.e. cylindrical locks.)  Spring-bolt locks hold the bolt in place with a spring.  It’s possible to release the spring by applying excessive force.  Deadbolt lock bolts, on the other hand, cannot be released unless the lock cylinder is turned.  The cylinder is typically turned either by using a key on the outside or by rotating a lever from the inside.  Deadlocks are considerably harder to disengage without a key than spring-bolt locks.


Deadbolt locks may be single or double cylindered.  Single-cylinder deadbolts are more familiar, employing exterior key activation/interior knob activation.  Double cylinder deadbolts do not have a twist-knob/lever.  They must be activated/de-activated with a key on both the interior and exterior of the door, adding even further protection against break-ins and tampering.


A second type of deadlock is the vertical deadbolt.  This lock is installed at the top of a door.  It is typically activated from the interior side of the door only.  It is more resistant to jimmying than a regular deadlock.


Deadbolts are advantageous not just for their design.  They are also typically made of stronger materials than spring-bolts.  Since they do not need to retract quickly as spring bolts do, they can be manufactured with heavier metals.


Having both a regular spring-bolt style lock and a deadbolt decreases the chances of unauthorized entry.  Engaging both types of locks makes it extremely difficult for a would-be criminal to use force (i.e. kicking) to break the locking mechanism(s) or to use “skeleton” or “bump” keys to gain entry to a premises.


Deadbolt locks for commercial properties, like the Schlage Locks Heavy Duty B-600 Series, offer superior protection and resistance to fire and heat damage.  Paired with a Schlage cylindrical lock, like the Schlage D-Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock, they offer the highest level of protection on exterior doors, as well as peace of mind for commercial property owners.


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