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Identifying Security Risks in a School Building


Whether your school is elementary or high school, public or private, you undoubtedly have a strong need for security that doesn’t compromise functionality.  Schools can see foot traffic from hundreds to even thousands of people every day.  School buildings must accommodate a variety of usage types, be accessible and exit-able at all times of the day, and maintain a safe environment for those inside, especially children who are in the care of staff.

Top priority in any school building is the safety of students.  However, school buildings are entered and exited dozens of times each day (or more) by numerous outsiders, including parents, maintenance workers, contractors, delivery men/women and many others.  It can be difficult to control who comes in and out of a school building in a given day, and to determine who belongs inside the building and who doesn’t.

The Ingersoll Rand Company (the parent company of Schlage) raises a number of considerations when it comes to assessing how secure a secure building is[1].  Some of these include:

* Lighting.  Are walkways, doors and parking lots adequately lit at all times?

* Panic alarms.  Do classrooms, offices, cafeteria, etc.  have panic alarms/emergency notification systems?

* Public accesses.  Are visitors to the building (anyone other than regular staff or students) restricted to one set of doors for entrance?  Are doors electronically controlled (i.e. buzzing in of visitors is required)?  If doors are not alarmed or electronically monitored, are doors within clear sightlines of a staff member or security guard at all times?

* Visitor sign-in/out.  Are visitors (non-regular staff or students) required to sign in upon arrival and out upon departure?

* Cameras.  Is the building equipped with indoor and outdoor cameras?  Are cameras monitored constantly, regularly or sporadically?  Are feeds taped?  Are taped feeds reviewed regularly?

* Outside users.  Do other groups use/rent your building or parts of your building?  Is access controlled or restricted with regard to third-party users?

*Re-Keying.  Are facility locks re-keyed regularly according to a pre-determined schedule  (i.e. every five years?)  Does re-keying occur after break-ins or theft of keys?

*Key control.  Are there strict and explicit policies outlining key control (i.e. how facility keys are distributed, who is entitled to have keys to the building, how key activity is monitored, reporting of key loss/theft, etc.?)

* Door usage.  Are doors ever propped open?  Have students and staff been instructed on proper door usage (i.e. not letting people in through restricted doors, keeping doors closed, etc.?)  Do doors close automatically?  Do they close with the proper amount of force?

*Exit devices.  Are exit devices in working order?

These are just a few of the points to consider when assessing the safety and security of a school building.  Ingersoll Rand can help you make a more thorough assessment through an online questionnaire.  They can offer tips and suggestions for improving school security, including the best type of locks for your needs.

[1] Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  “Ingersoll Rand Risk Mitigation Assessment.” Ingersoll Rand Company.


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