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Discourage Lock-Pickers Before They Begin

As fast as lock manufacturers are  producing more tamper-resistant and pick-proof locks, criminal elements are coming up with ways to pick them.  While few locks qualify as “pick-proof,” there are some locks that are more resistant to picking than others.

The best way to avoid becoming the victim of a lock-picker is to discourage him from trying to pick your lock in the first place.  Here are some tips to help you scare away criminals before they attempt to enter your home:

1) Brand matters: ALWAYS choose reliable, trusted brand names like Schlage.  Lock-pickers know locks, and they know brands.  They know which manufacturers make inferior-quality products.  These are the ones that are easiest to pick.  Installing a Schlage lock lets would-be criminals know that your lock isn’t an easy target.

2) Choose stronger models: Installing a heavy-duty lock rather than a standard or medium duty lock makes the lock harder to pick. 

3) Install a mortise-style lockMortise locks used to be the norm until the cylindrical lock was invented.  However, modern trends are beginning to favor the mortise lock again.  The reason: mortise locks are stronger and harder to pick.  They’re also harder to install.  But the trade-off for better security may be worth it in the long run.

4) Always install a deadbolt in addition to a regular lock: Deadbolts are more difficult to pick, tamper with and open with force than regular locks.  Criminals will hesitate at the sight of two locks that have to be picked open rather than just one.  (Make sure they’re both Schlage brand for double protection.)

5) Make sure doors are visible: Criminals avoid doors that have clear sightlines to the street, other houses, etc.  The more visible your door is to other people, the less likely your home or business will be targeted in the first place.  Use landscaping to your advantage: keep bushes and hedges trimmed.  Make sure no trees block any sightlines to your front door.  Always make sure that your door is well-lit.  Keep a light turned on over your doors when it’s dark.  (Using an energy-saving bulb will cut your electric bill and preserve the planet.)

For further reading: “How Many Deadbolts Does my Door Need?”


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