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The Schlage S200-Series Interconnected Lock System

Different commercial buildings/businesses have varying requirements when it comes to the level of security needed.  While effective security is always crucial, heavy-duty lock components may not always be the most cost effective for certain buildings.  Hotels, motels and condos/apartment buildings, for example, do not require the same level of security as a bank.  The Schlage locks S200-Series Interconnected Lock system was designed for such commercial applications.

The S200-Series is a medium-duty system of interconnected locks.  Interconnected locks combine the convenience and ease of use of a cylindrical lock/latch mechanism with the extra security of a deadbolt.  The entire apparatus works together as one unit.

The S200 builds upon the standards set by the original S-Series of Schlage locks.  The S-Series features heat-treated steel components.  This ensures extra strength and durability.  Durability is further enhanced by two independent heavy-duty torsion springs.

The S200-Series Interconnected Lock uses the original keyed lever of the S-Series and combines it with a deadbolt and patented doorframe reinforcer.  This adds extra strength to the deadbolt portion of the lock system, making it highly pick and tamper-resistant, and more difficult to break (i.e. kicking in the door.) 

From the interior, the door latch and deadbolt are retracted simultaneously.  This feature saves precious time during an emergency which would require a quick exit.  From the outside, the latch and deadbolt must be engaged/disengaged separately.  This makes it difficult for unauthorized entry to occur.

Other features of the Schlage S200-Series Interconnected Lock include:

* UL listing for three hour fire doors.

* Product exceeds all ANSI standards for grade 2 locks.

* Available in a number of popular finishes.

* Several keying options available, including standard six-pin tumbler style locks.

The Schlage S200-Series offers high durability at an economical price for commercial buildings with standard security needs.  The variety of finishes makes it easy to match any building decor, both interior and/or exterior.  It is also compatible with other Schlage lock products, parts and templates.


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