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Choosing Your Ideal Door Trim

It seems like a trivial thing, but trim is an important part of your business’ doors.  The type of trim that you choose may have a significant bearing on the type of traffic that your business will attract.  This is particularly true for those who run a retail store, or at least have a retail component to their businesses.

Trim” usually refers to the hardware components of a door that are visible to the public.  It typically includes door knobs/handles, key/lock plates, deadbolt levers, etc.

Businesses that see a significant degree of daily traffic from the general public need to consider their average patrons when selecting door trim.  This is particularly true when choosing between knobs and levers.

Levers are the easiest kind of door handles for most people to operate.  Children, the disabled and the elderly may have trouble exerting the kind of rotating motion that is necessary to turn a door knob.  Levers, on the other hand, require only the ability to grasp and apply gently downward force.  Styles like the Schlage AL Series and the L-9000 Series offer ease of opening for most every type of patron a business might serve.

Businesses that don’t want to outfit an entire store with lever-style handles can choose one or more main doors to equip with levers.  These should be the doors that the general public uses most often.  The rest of the building can then be outfitted with knob-style handles.

Schlage manufactures a wide range of door trim options.  Many of its commercial hardware knob and lever handles come in both medium and heavy duty styles, many with UL fire-rated components.


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