Schlage Locks: Setting the Industry Standard

Residential and Commercial Security

Innovative Security for Over 85 Years

Schlage locks and Schlage door hardware have set the standard for excellence, durability, and performance for over 85 years. Schlage locksets are a household name because the Schlage name has been synonymous with rugged dependability for generations. You can depend on the quality of Schlage locksets because they are made with the same care and precision that you put into every project.

As a builder, you look for building supplies that are easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to repair. With Schlage door hardware, you know that you’re installing locksets that will not only save you time and money, but also instill in your clients a sense of confidence in your workmanship and decisions. The legendary quality of Schlage locks and Schlage door hardware means that you can install these products with confidence knowing that they will perform year after year so that you can focus on the things that have made you successful!

Schlage locksets offer innovative security solutions to schools, hospitals, hotels, airports, condominiums, and a wide range of other commercial facilities. We are proud to offer our clients Schlage locksets as part of our line of commercial builder’s hardware. If you have looking for a hardware supplier that will get the equipment that you need to your jobsite on time, every time, at prices that will maximize your profit margin on every project, trust Schlage to make it happen!


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